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Rachel* is an Equity Partner in a leading City law firm who was experiencing difficulties achieving business growth targets.


Our coaching programme was carried out in the context of a planned period of rapid change during which time Rachel's newly created division aimed to achieve significant growth in fee income and new business. To achieve this required a more proactive, strategic management approach. Targeted growth could not be achieved through ‘more of the same’.  


The initial assessment confirmed that Rachel's difficulties were caused by an ineffective management style and a significant reluctance to change her approach. The coaching programme was designed to facilitate the required change by developing skills in strategic management, planning and delegation, overcoming inter-personal obstacles, and fostering a move away from an “in the weeds” micro-management style. To achieve this Rachel and I worked on raising her self-awareness as to the impact her approach was having on herself and team, and to build her confidence to enable us to 'let go' of a number of activities and trust her team to deliver without negatively impacting her clients. In the process the additional "head space" enabled her to think more widely and operate comfortably at strategy development and BD.  In addition to developing the new self-awareness and skills, the programme provided ongoing support to ensure that Rachel's self-confidence was maintained during a difficult development period.


Follow-up feedback and conversations with Rachel have confirmed that her considerable progress has been maintained, she is flourishing and her business is thriving.

* Rachel is not her real name