Mark* was a recently appointed managing director in an EMEA-wide professional services company which had recently formed from two separate businesses.  He had requested two hours coaching every six weeks to provide a confidential sounding board to provide support and a different perspective on the challenges presented, in what can be a lonely role.  


>>> Unlike most coaching programmes there were no set objectives with this one. Each session was entirely flexible and open in structure, and involved discussion and analysis on topics of current interest. These included:


  • How I do communicate my values to 900 staff?

  • How do I integrate the two, culturally distinct, former businesses and lead them to an integrated whole?

  • How do I portray gravitas and authority in a comfortable and effective style?

  • How should I manage my relationship with the CEO?

  • Where do I go from here?


This programme ran for 12 months during which time Mark led the successful integration of the two businesses and positioned it for major growth. In the two years following, Mark and I catch up every quarter and schedule the occasional coaching session on specific matters.  

* Mark is not his real name